We are happy for the opportunity to provide you with this brief information about the Belarusian road construction enterprise TW Dorstroy. The history of the company is typical of all non-state enterprises that were created during the post-Soviet period and started their businesses "from scratch". It began as a co-op. Later - a small enterprise, and finally - a company. Each of these organizational-legal stages paved the way as landmarks along the thirteen-year-path of TW Dorstroy's history. The high professional traditions of the enterprise were born long before its foundation. The 70 road workers who founded the Trakt co-op in 1990 had been working for the best BSSR road construction enterprises for ten, fifteen and twenty years. Rich experience was received due to the construction and reconstruction work on practically all the leading highways of the Republic. It became a favorable basis for the creation and active development of the TW Dorstroy enterprise for the past 10 years.

     Today, the enterprise is a modern and optimally organized construction company. It owns new and high technologies and high-professional personal.

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Road Construction Enterprise "TW Dorstroy"
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